Making of “montagna” – English version

7 August 2009

Making of a 3d scene using Blender and Gimp:

Main objective to achieve was composition, in the meaning of  “where objects are placed in the picture”. I didn’t want a realistic result. Let’s start with explanation of most important steps.

This is the final result, a 2000 x 800 pixels image (click to enlarge)

blender + Gimp

1- The scene: in this phase I modeled all the object in the scene: Mountain’s peak (reference from picture, the a bit of sculpting), Ice (some faces detached from the mountain then extruded), clouds (a plane subdivided using fractal several times)  and climbers (low poly modeling, very few details).

Modello 3d all'interno di blender

Modello 3d all’interno di blender

2- I was looking for a good way to render clouds and I used a technique called “render with polygons”. It consists in a displacement texture scrolling very fast on an object. By activating motion blur before rendering it records movements while keeping original shape. Here’s the render:

Risultato del render di blender internal con motion blur attivatoBlender’s internal render result (motion blur applied only to clouds)

3- As you can see the render isn’t very good: clouds are blocky, the mountain is too dark, Background is pitch black etc… But compositing has already been done, so it’s time to open Gimp!

4- I selected clouds and applied a strong gaussian  blur filter, then I used a light blue to white gradient to make the sky and duplicated the layer several times erasing everything but the sky (first time normal, then overlay and multiply). Then I added a Black to white gradient from left to right using multiply.

click here to see final result

Now something about compositing… Did you notice that when staring at the picture the first thin you focus on are the climbers? Am I right?  Now I’ll explain how I guessed. It’s all about composition!  Here’s the scheme:

regola composizione immaginecomposition rule

The scene has been divided in thirds (red lines). Every sector has the role to let focus viewer’s attention on climbers… How? By building an arc using environment (grey arrow). For further information about this technique here are a few links:

(if you notice spelling errors please report them, english isn’t my first language)


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